Tour Guide with Chante: Le Germaine & Panorama

Visiting Toronto? Or wanna check out some hot spots? If you’re into low-key relaxed places that’ll do the trick.. learn about some of my favorite places below!

Before the Greta Constantine show, I was starving! Luckily, my security was already at the venue & let us know that the show was running behind schedule. I was so happy! So we stopped at the restaurant in Le Germain for a quick bite… I ordered the Poutine and discovered my new favorite place to visit for some!

After the show, we stopped at Panorama. It’s on the 51st floor and it’s super romantic. The skyline at night is breathtaking. The view is gorgeous & being that it’s a short walk away from home, it’s an easy place to go, unwind & chill out. I love places where I can roll super low-key but something about this place is extra special. I wasn’t too hungry but ordered the crab cakes anyway, which were super good!

For my wonderful fans outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada, if you ever do visit my wonderful city, be sure to visit these spots & check them off on your “Chante’s thing’s to do” list :)

Sponsored by Ontario Tourism.

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